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Class X Mathematics

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commence from 2nd April 2021

Taken by Vishwajeet Sir

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Class 10th Course Detail
This course contains full syllabus of class 10 according to NCERT syllabus. A student will able to do all questions related to class 10 mathematics. It is also benefitted to do any Olympiad based questions. You can join live session or take recorded lectures by expert faculties. You can see demo before joining. You can join live class batch with few students or can schedule one to one class also.


1. Real Numbers

  • Terminating and non-terminating decimals, recurring decimals.
  • To prove a square root number is irrational.
  • To find HCF and LCM by prime factorization method and Properties of HCF and LCM.Euclid's. division algorithm, to find HCF by Euclid's division algorithm.
  • Application of Euclid's division algorithm in prove that type questions.
  • Word problems on HCF and LCM.

2. Polynomials

  • Types of polynomial, geometrical representation of polynomial, zeroes of the polynomial.
  • Quadratic polynomials, its zeroes and coefficients.
  • Problems on zeroes and coefficient of quadratic polynomials.
  • To find the quadratic polynomials, when zeroes are given.
  • Division algorithm for polynomials and its application.
  • Cubic polynomials, its zeroes and coefficients.
  • Find the zeroes of cubic and biquadratic polynomials, Miscellaneous problems on polynomials.

3. Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables

  • Substitution method to solve a pair of linear equations
  • Elimination method to solve a pair of linear equations
  • Important problems on elimination method
  • Cross-multiplication method to solve a pair of linear equations
  • Higher order thinking skills (HOTS) on cross-multiplication method 
  • Graphical method to solve a pair of linear equations
  • Unique solution, no solution and infinite solutions of a pair of linear equations. Consistency and inconsistency
  • Word problems based on numbers, fraction, ratio and two digit numbers
  • Word problems based on age of the person and geometry
  • Word problems on time, distance and speed 
  • Word problems based on areas and perimeter, fexed and variable charges
  • Word problems on time and work, profit, loss and discount and Miscellaneous problems

4. Quadratic Equations

  • To solve the quadratic equations by factorization method
  • Problems based on factorization method
  • To solve the quadratic equation by the method of completing square
  • Quadratic formula derivation, solution of equation by formula method and nature of roots
  • Problems based on nature of roots
  • Word problems on numbers and consecutive numbers
  • Word problems on two digit numbers and fraction
  • Word problems on speed, distance and time
  • Word problems on speed, distance and time and upstream, downstream
  • Word problems on ages of person
  • Word problems on areas and perimeter
  • Word problems on time and work and cost

5. Arithmetic Progressions

  • Sequences, introduction of arithmetic progressions
  • nth term of and AP, derivation and application of formula
  • Problems based on nth term of an AP, Word problems on nth term
  • Sum of n terms of an AP (derivation and application of formula)
  • Problems on sum of n terms of an AP
  • Word problems on sum of n terms of an AP

6. Triangles

  • Basic proportionality theorem (Thales theorem) and its converse (Proof of theorem)
  • Application on Thales theorem and its converse
  • Angle bisector theorem and its converse
  • AAA, AA, SSS and SAS similarity theorem (Proof)
  • Problems based on similarity of triangles
  • Area and perimeter of two similar triangles
  • Problems based on similar triangles and areas of similar triangles
  • Pythagoras theorem and its converse proof
  • Problems based on Pythagoras theorem

7. Coordinate Geometry

  • Introduction to coordinate geometry, derivation of distance formula
  • Problems based on distance formula
  • Derivation of section formula and mid-point formula
  • Problems based on section formula
  • Centroid of triangle
  • Area of triangle formula derivation and applications, collinearity of points

8. Introduction to Trigonometry

  • Trigonometric ratios of acute angles of a right angled triangle
  • Application on trigonometric ratios
  • Application based problems on trigonometric ratios
  • Trigonometric ratios of some particular angles and its derivation
  • Problems based on some particular angles
  • Trigonometric ratios of complementary angles and its applications
  • Problems based on complementary angles
  • Trigonometric identities derivation
  • Problems based on trigonometric identities
  • Problems based on trigonometric identities, some HOTS problems
  • Problems based on elimination of trigonometric ratios

9. Some Applications of Trigonometry 

  • Angle of elevations, angle of depressions, basic problems
  • Problems on heights and distances with two or more than two right angled triangles
  • Prove that type problems on heights and distances
  • Higher order thinking skills (HOTS) Problems on Heights and Distances

10. Circles

  • Tangents and secant to the circle introduction, proof of theorems
  • Problems based on tangents to the circle

11. Constructions

  • Construction of triangles and similar triangles
  • Construction of tangents to the circle

12. Areas Related to Circles

  • Areas of sector and segment and its application, basic formulae of two dimensional figures
  • Problems on areas related to circles

13. Surface Areas and Volumes

  • Revision of formulae of cuboid, cube, cylinder, cone, sphere and hemisphere
  • Combination of two or more figures
  • Conversion of one figure to another
  • Formulae of volume and surface areas of frustum of cone

14. Statistics

  • Mean of ungrouped and grouped data by direct method, missing frequency problems
  • Mean of grouped data by assumed mean and step deviation method
  • Problems based on assumed mean and step deviation method
  • Median of ungrouped data
  • Median of grouped data, to find the missing frequencies
  • Mode of ungrouped and grouped data, emperical relation between mean, median and mode
  • To draw ogive (Cummulative frequency graph), to find the median by less than and more than type ogive

15. Probability

  • Basic concepts of probability, properties of probability, sure event, impossible event
  • Problems on probability