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Class IX Mathematics

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commence from 6th April 2021

Taken by Vishwajeet Sir

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Class 9th Course Detail
This course contains full syllabus of class 9 according to NCERT syllabus. A student will able to do all questions related to class 9 maths. It is also benefitted to do any Olympiad based questions. You can join live session or take recorded lectures by expert faculties. You can see demo before joining. You can join live class batch with few students or can schedule one to one class also.


1. Number System

  • Terminating and non-terminating decimals, definition of rational and irrational numbers, recurring decimals into rational number.
  • Rational numbers, representation on number line, rational numbers between two numbers.
  • Irrational numbers, decimal number on number line, square root number on number line.
  • Exponents and powers (surds), Properties on exponents.
  • Problems based on exponents and power.
  • Rationalisation of irrational denominator.
  • Problems based on irrational number and rationalisation.

2. Polynomials

  • Definition and Classification of polynomials, zeroes of polynomials.
  • Remainder theorem, problems based on remainder theorem.
  • Factor theorem, problems based on factor theorem.
  • Derivation of algebraic identities in whole square form and its application.
  • Derivation of algebraic identities in whole cube form and its application.
  • Simplification using identities.
  • Factorization of quadratic polynomial using splitting middle term.
  • Factorization using identities.
  • Miscellaneous problems on polynomials.

3. Coordinate Geometry

  • Representation of points on coordinate axes, Meaning of abscissa and ordinate.
  • Problems based on coordinate geometry, to find image  of a point and distance between two points.

4. Linear Equations in Two Variables

  • Linear equation in two variables and their graphical representation.
  • Word problems and application of Linear equations in two variables.

5. Introduction to Euclid's Geometry

  • Postulates of Euclid, relationship between axiom and theorem.

6. Lines and Angles

  • Adjacent Angles, Complementary Angles, Supplimentary Angles.
  • Linear pair, vertically opposite angles and problems based on intersecting lines.
  • Corresponding angles, alternate angles, problems based on parallel and transversal lines.
  • Problems on parallel and transversal lines.
  • Angle sum property and problems based on angle sum.
  • Problems on angle sum and exterior angle properties.

7. Triangles

  • Congruent figures definition, congruency of two triangles.
  • SAS, SSS, ASA, AAS and RHS congruency theorem in a triangle and its basic application, CPCT.
  • Problems based on Congruent Triangles.
  • Theorem and problems on inequalities of triangles.
  • Miscellaneous problems on triangles.

8. Quadrilaterals

  • Types of quadrilaterals and their properties.
  • Properties of a paralleogram and their proof.
  • Problems on parallelograms.
  • Problems on parallelograms and other quadrilaterals.
  • Mid-point theorem proof and applications.
  • Problems on mid-point theorem and its converse.
  • Intercept theorem proof and applications.
  • Miscellaneous problems based on parallelogram , mid-point theorem and intercept theorem.

9. Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles

  • Proof of theorem on areas of parallelograms and triangles.
  • Problems on areas of parallelograms and triangles.

10. Circles

  • Proof of theorems on chords and arcs of a circle.
  • Proof of theorems in two congruent circles.
  • Problems on theorems on chords and arcs.
  • Proof of theorems on angles in the same segment.
  • Application on angles in the same segment theorems.
  • Proof of theorems related to cyclic quadrilateral.
  • Problems on cyclic quadrilateral.

11. Constructions

  • Construction of line and angle bisector, construction of equilateral triangle.
  • Construction of triangles if sum and difference of two sides are given.
  • Construction of triangles if sum of all the three sides is given.

12. Heron's Formula

  • Area of triangle formula derivation.
  • Heron's formula application.
  • Application of Heron's formula to find the area of quadrilaterals.
  • Application of Heron's formula in different shapes.
  • Miscellaneous problems on areas.

13. Surface Areas and Volumes

  • Surface areas and volumes of cuboid and cube concepts and applications
  • Problems on surface areas and volumes of cuboid and cube
  • Problems on water flow in cubiodal pipe
  • Surface areas and volumes of solid cylinder and hollow cylinder concepts and applications
  • Problems on surface areas and volumes of cylinder
  • Problems on water flow in cylindrical pipe
  • Surface areas and volumes of cone concepts and applications
  • Problems on surface areas and volumes of cone
  • Surface areas and volumes of sphere and hemisphere
  • Problems on combination of two or more than two figures

14. Statistics

  • Collection and representation of data in tabular form.
  • Drawing bar graph and histogram and problems based on given bar graph and histogram.
  • Problems based on frequency polygons.
  • Mean of ungrouped data.
  • Properties of mean and problems on properties of mean.
  • Median of ungrouped data.
  • Mode of ungrouped data, emperical relation between mean, median and mode.

15. Probability

  • Some terms related to probability, formula and properties of probability.
  • Problems on probability.